Our Model

Innovation. Acceleration. Progress.

KPI’s model is guided by three principles:

  • Patients are best served by significant improvements over standard-of-care, and our novel drugs answer this call
  • The process of drug development through commercialization becomes highly efficient when coupled with KPI's alliance of drug development partners
  • The interests of patients, investors, and KPI can be aligned


Today, many patient groups are grossly underserved by currently available drugs and this gap in care drives us forward. KPI has identified and will collaboratively develop, and commercialize novel drug assets that will transform the quality of patients’ lives. We start with a compelling mechanism of action or drug target whose scientific characteristics inspire meaningful disease-state change. With important drug candidates identified, KPI can expedite the timeline for impactful new medicines. Our Kv1.3 program is an excellent example of an innovative development program which has the potential to fundamentally change medical management options for millions of patients around the world.


KPI’s partners and investors will supply funding and development expertise in a collaborative model focused on making the early clinical drug validation process more efficient and successful. Under this model, where appropriate, KPI will develop each early stage drug asset by efficiently applying the shared resources of our development partners.


KPI is currently advancing a new drug platform for autoimmune diseases. As these drugs progress, we look forward to monetization or commercialization of each asset to generate new revenue streams and increase investor value. In the quest of serving patients by pushing the boundaries of science and in improving the standard of healthcare, KPI's therapeutic opportunities are extremely attractive. Meaningful near term commercialization timelines combined with compelling market opportunities are held within a platform that could produce major advances in patient care. KPI continues to seek researchers and asset owners to bring additional drug candidates into our portfolio.