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Our Platform Science


KPI’s dalazatide is a first-in-class autoimmune drug candidate

KPI-150 is a novel topical drug targeting atopic dermatitis

KPI-190 is a novel eyedrop formulation being developed for ocular disesases such as uveitis

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About Us

KPI Therapeutics is developing potentially game changing autoimmune therapies. Our platform targets autoimmune diseases of the skin that have tens of millions of sufferers in the US and are a multi-billion-dollar market. Our lead drug, dalazatide, has completed Phase 1 trials and demonstrated clinical activity in patients. In diseases such as atopic dermatitis, myositis, and lupus, KPI is tackling the largest issue - a lack of effective drugs with minimal side effects. KPI’s next-generation drugs are more targeted and immune sparing than current treatments.

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